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How to Make $75,000 or More Per Deal Flipping Commercial Properties Using Our Money Sources


  • Essential Investor Video Training Series, with a new module each week
  • Use our funding sources so you can pay all cash for commercial properties
  • Get paid 10K per deal
  • Weekly Q&A Calls and Access to Discussion Board

This is it! Discover how to get in on this little known about, yet extremely profitable commercial investing niche.

You’ll learn step by step, how to find, negotiate, and structure three types of commercial flip deals:

  • Commercial wholesale deals – Instant paydays
  • Value add commercial flips
  • Commercial workouts… How to create huge paydays without owning or managing any real estate, ever!

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Bonus # 1 “How to Buy Your First Apartment Building

Digital Home Study Course” ($1,497 value)

If you want to generate high positive cash flows, there is no better investment than buying apartment buildings. In this course, you’ll learn how to find, analyze, structure, fund and close money-making apartment deals using little or none of your own money.

- Using OPM

- Finding Great Deals

- How to Determine Value

- Deal Structuring

- Negotiating Secrets

- Hiring Managers

- Increasing Value

- Selling for Top Dollar

- 90 Day Action Plan

How to Buy Your First Apartment Building teaches the following topics:

Finding the best apartment investing deals:

• How to find apartment buildings at 20-35% below market value

• Nine ways to find landlords who are truly motivated to sell you their building

• Direct mail pieces, sample ads and phone scripts that will help you find money-making deals

Analyzing the profitability of an apartment building:

• Quickly calculate the cash flow, estimated expenses, actual value, and upside potential of any building with the Instant Income Evaluator

• 17 expenses every property has, and how to tell when the seller isn’t giving you accurate costs

Structuring win-win deals:

• How to handle the four biggest seller objections that can kill your deal

• Eight ways to lower your down-payment

• 25 critical clauses you don’t want to do business without

• Modifying standard Realtor contracts by using addendums

Funding your deals with little or no money down:

• Seven ways to structure your deals with nothing down

• Using owner-carry financing to purchase apartment buildings

• Get outside investors to fund your deals for a share of the profits

• Nurture your own private sources for low-interest funds

Profitably managing your apartment investments:

• How to increase the value of your new building by 10% in 90 days or less

• 20 things you must do when you are selecting a tenant (and even more things to avoid)

• How to find, train and oversee a resident manager

• 27 ways to increase the cash flow from your buildings

• Five additional profit centers most investors overlook

• 26 ways to save money on repairs and maintenance

• Avoiding the five biggest management mistakes most investors make

• Setting up a system to track and stop late payments

In addition to the in-depth training this course includes, you’ll also receive sample copies of paperwork, forms, and contracts you can use to invest in multi-unit properties, including:

• The Apartment Building Investors Due Diligence Checklist

• Property Evaluation Worksheet

• Earnest Money Promissory Note

• Commercial Master Lease Purchase Agreement

• Memorandum of Option

• Offer to Purchase

• Onsite Assistance Agreement (annual and short term)

• Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy Letter

• Late Fee Notice

• Maintenance Tracking Form

• Maintenance Request Form

• Tenant Upkeep Violation Notice

• “Bad Tenant” Rent Increase Letter (to encourage them to move)

• Letter to Force Non-Paying Tenants to Move

• Friendly Eviction Letter

• Notice to Terminate Tenancy Form

• Mutual Agreement to Terminate Tenancy

• Form to Use With Eviction Service

• Property Inspection Form

• Move Out Worksheet

• Lease Agreement

Digital Equivalent How to Buy Your First Apartment Building includes 14 videos, 15 Audio CDs and a 300+ page manual.

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Bonus # 2 “Making Millions With Commercial Real Estate”

Digital Home Study Course” ($1,497 value)

- Forms and Contracts

- Essential Scripts

- Office, Retail, Industrial and More

- Creative Deal Structuring

- Necessary Formulas

- Selling Strategies

- 90 Day Action Plan

Making Money With Commercial Real Estate is a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to kick your commercial real estate career in the shortest amount of time possible while making sure you follow all the necessary steps so you don’t get yourself into ’hot water’.

In the course you’ll receive detailed information, examples and steps on:

#1 Laying The Foundation for your Commercial Empire – You’ll learn 10 answers to the question, “Why Commercial Real Estate?” You’ll learn how to identify what type of commercial real estate investor you are and what types of commercial asset types fit you the best and why. After going through the first section, you’ll also have a detailed business visions and be introduced to the simple 10 step system for Massive Success With Commercial Deals.

#2 – Finding & Identifying Awesome Commercial Deals – In this section, you’ll learn all about how to find Killer Deals, Defining and actively cultivating your market and How to find sellers that have the strongest motivation. You’ll also learn about how to analyze the deal with in the deal, run the numbers, the different classes of commercial real estate and how to complete effective Due Diligence.

#3 – Creating a Win/Win Offer. – The subject says it all.

#4 – Funding Your Deal The Conventional Way – Tap into a real live lenders check list and be prepared when you go to meet with your banker. After completing this section, you’ll also know the best way to communicate with lenders and how lenders evaluate properties that they give loans to.

#5 – Un-Conventional Funding Sources – Build your resources and do deals without any of your own money on the line by learning how to cultivate a list of Private Lenders and Hard Money Lenders. Learn how to tap into the power of the Hedge Fund and Pension Fund as well as Equity Partners and Private Placement Memorandums.

#6 – How to Structure Your Commercial Investing business – You’ll receive the best Business Plan ever created as well as Marketing Pieces you can use today. After completing this section, you’ll also have your World-Class Team in place and be able to effectively cover you Assets.

#7 How to Lease or Sell Your Property For Top Dollar – Learn 37 ways to Increase the value of your commercial property so you can get top dollar when you sell – If you ever want to sell.

#8 – Property Management – Whose Hands Are On The Wheel – This section will give you a simple step by step guide to ’Do-It-Yourself’ property management, 6 steps to preparing any property to ’show’ well, how to ’program’ your tenants and much more.

You’ll also receive a complete set of proven, field-tested and refined forms, contracts and agreements.

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Bonus # 3 “90 Days Free Access to Peter’s Commercial Mentoring Program” ($9,800 value)

The Commercial Residential Mentoring Program is designed to teach you everything you need to succeed as a commercial real estate investor. All training materials in the Commercial Real Estate Investing Mentoring Program were created by Peter Conti and his coaches and instructors based on their many years of successful commercial investing experience nationwide. They’ll teach you the tricks of the trade that took them years
to learn:

Nine Core Commercial Investing Courses: Learn the basics quickly and easily by reading the chapter and then listening to the one-hour coaching session explaining each of these nine core investing principles.

Expert Commercial Real Estate Investment Coaching: All of our coaches are full-time commercial real estate investors who have been so pleased by the impact commercial real estate investing has made in their lives that they have chosen to use a small portion of their time to help others duplicate their success.

Live Conference Calls with Your Commercial Investing Mentor: These calls are designed to give you expert advice about the deals you are currently negotiating and to answer any general questions you have about commercial investing. You may attend as many of the team coaching calls as you would like. Some of the calls provide investment training on specific topics such as Funding Your Deal in addition to the standard question and answer portion of the call.

Real Estate Investing Discussion Board: Post your question on our discussion board and receive a quick, thoughtful answer from one of our coaches. Or search through the answers our coaches have given to student’s questions over the years.

Commercial Real Estate Investing Audio & Video Trainings: The web site for Commercial Mentoring students provides dozens of trainings on particular topics such as the fundamentals of investing in apartment buildings and how to raise funding for your deals.

“Make $50,000 in 90 Days Guarantee”
If you don’t successfully flip a commercial property within 90 days of getting started, then we’ll continue to work with you to provide the support, encouragement and guidance you need to get one or more commercial flips done with a profit of $50,000 or more – including full access to our money sources for up to 12 months at no additional charge. During this extra time, use our system to find at least three deals that meet the guidelines on the website and you’ll have a deal with $50,000 in profits or I’ll give you a prompt, courteous refund.


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