Residential Back Flip Secrets…

How can you get involved with us doing these Residential Back Flips?

We have designed a way to quickly make money and learn at the same time. Now keep in mind, you will be able to make a lot more doing Residential Back Flips on your own later.

To get started and get comfortable by gaining some experience doing this, we have put together a simple program where you can make $5K by providing us with 5 things. This will be the easiest way to make $5K than you have ever done.
5 Things
Five Simple Things You Need to Do &
Quickly Earn $5K:

  1. Gather the facts about your lead.
    • Provide the owners contact information
    • Make sure property has jumbo loan
    • Make sure property is upside down
    • Make sure owner is on board to do the
      Back Flip
  2. Establish the current market value of property.
  3. What is the buy price? How much will we buy the note for?
    • Current market Value X .75 minus profit = BUY PRICE.
  4. Confirm… can the homeowner qualify for a refinance?
    The homeowner needs to be able to qualify for their exit loan in order for us to profit. 

    • Homeowner Debt to income ratio is below 30%
    • Homeowner Credit score is above 700
  5. Owner must sign a contract showing they want to move forward and do a back flip.

That’s it!

You supply these 5 things and WE do the rest!
We negotiate with the bank, buy the note, close the exit loan and write you a check!

The most important thing is we want you to learn as you go. By going through the steps with us, you will get good at putting these deals together yourself… which means more profits to you in the future.

If you want to learn how to make a lot more than $5K on your deals. We want to invite you to sign up for a webinar, (The registration box is on the right side of this page). During this webinar, we will show you how to get started doing this on your own, making really big money doing Residential Back Flips™.

Register for the webinar to learn more today!

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