I’m at my daughters graduation looking at 3,782 people who are full of hope – yet 80% of them will move back home as a next step.

So what really counts for a successful life?

Peter’s Four F’s of Success

Family – Those who love and care for you.

Fitness – Without your health it’s hard to enjoy anything else.

Finances – I almost called this one “Flipping”. The market is so good for this now : )

Friends – These are the people who know your strengths and faults and are still willing
to hang out with you.

Brian Hart is my best friend from Colorado. He’s dying soon from brain cancer.
I went to see him and his family in January so when I got the latest email from
his wife it left me feeling paralyzed and got me thinking about what really matters
most. It’s not work, real estate or deals.

Whatever matters most for you – please go for it right now… Don’t wait until “someday.”

Brian is an amazing athlete, father, and patent attorney. In bike riding events he always
rode harder than me, one time he kept going for another six hours in the cold rain over
two more mountain passes after I dropped out.

So while I’m praying for a miracle to save Brian, I’m also doing Triathlons with Team Fight
to raise money to fight cancer. It’s helping me to have a focus other than doing deals, and
I’m in the best shape of my entire life.

The Triathlon is this Sunday – Please check out my page here:


If you are able to help in any way at all, I appreciate whatever you can do.

I will let everyone who makes a contribution know my race results.

Thanks for reading this,


Posted on May 18, 2012

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