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My favorite part about having the new baby was the excitement from my other kids when they met William for the first time.

I have great news to share with you all. This week we were blessed with a new baby!

William Scott Norton came on May 24th and weighed 7lb 5oz. Everything went perfectly and mom and baby are doing great.

“William” means determined and resolute. “Scott” is after my little brother who is battling brain cancer and an amazing person (to learn more about Scotty Click Here).

Maybe you didn’t know but this is our 6th baby (just in case you’re wondering, we’re not sure if this is our last either)! Witnessing a miracle such as the birth of a child, causes serious reflection on one’s priorities in life.

While I’m writing this I’m holding my new baby and feeling an intense sense of gratitude.

I’m grateful for…

  • My amazing family
  • My faith in God.
  • My health
  • Living in a free country.
  • My real estate investing business that revolves around my lifestyle (not the other way around).
  • Being financially free (from flipping houses and commercial properties).
  • Being able to help people and real estate investors be more successful.

For me, real estate investing is the vehicle to having, being and doing everything I want in life.

When it comes to your life, are you living your dream?

When it comes to your work, are you able to say:

“I do work that I love, with people I want to be around, because I want to and not because I have to.”

If you can’t say that with total sincerity then I encourage you to do these 3 things:

  1. Define what you want your life to be (most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want)
  2. Apply the rule of 5. Do 5 things every single day no matter how small to reach your goal
  3. Get a mentor. Find someone who has accomplished what you want and learn from them.

Remember, “success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

Jerry Norton

Posted on May 25, 2012

Peter Conti, Jerry Norton and Mentor Financial Group, LLC

Peter Conti mentoring real estate investors

Peter Conti with Successful Real Estate Investors

Jerry Norton and Peter Conti, partners in Mentor Financial Group, LLC, help you get started making money in real estate by doing deals with you. It’s an interesting combination of talents as Peter has been investing since 1990 and Jerry got started in 2005, right when the real estate market crashed.

Now that they real estate market has changed, Mentor Financial Group’s House Flipping and Commercial Back Flip Programs allow the average person to make money with distressed real estate. Peter, Jerry and and their team of professional real estate investing mentors have helped thousands of clients across the country create financial independence using the power of real estate.

Jerry Norton the Commercial Back Flip Guru

Jerry Norton - Investor & Mentor

Peter admits that he was struggling with the changes in the marketplace when he saw how well Jerry was doing having flipped over 200 houses within a few years of getting started. The two of them worked together for most of a year in various joint ventures before deciding to become official business partners in Mentor Financial Group starting in August of 2011.

Jerry’s background was that he was working in the construction business putting in underground cables when he decided to change his life by getting started investing in real estate. He knew real estate was the right path for him after earning $52,000 in his first month as a wholesaler.

He quickly advanced from wholesaling properties to flipping houses to high end retail buyers. It wasn’t long before Jerry’s “do it now” attitude and ability to think and act big allowed him to quickly become one of the most sought after experts in fix and flip houses and flipping commercial properties.

Over the years, he has developed hundreds of connections with private lenders who now provide the funding for Jerry and Peter’s residential fix and flip clients along with the bridge funding for their Commercial Back Flips . Jerry’s ability to quickly and clearly communicate to the investors the benefits of funding potential deals is something that all of Mentor Financial Groups clients are working to emulate.

Most of the clients who are working with Mentor Financial Group are able to tap into the funding sources that Jerry has established as they get their real estate investing business off the ground and running. Then, using the strategies that Jerry teaches in the training programs, they are able to transition over to developing their own private investors.

Jerry Norton loves to teach other investors the techniques and systems for fixing and flipping residential properties, flipping commercial properties, and how to raise money. He has taught thousands of investors all over the U.S. and now has clients in seven other countries who are using Mentor Financial Group’s strategies to make money from distressed real estate.

Married with 5 children and living in Michigan, Jerry enjoys time with his wife, traveling in his RV, boating, wakeboarding, and scuba diving when he’s not working. He also enjoys coaching his kids sports events, serving in his church, vacationing, and spending time with his family.

Real Estate Mentors with Clients

Peter, Jerry, and Clients at Recent Training

Each year Peter Conti and Jerry Norton hold real estate investing webinars, workshops and seminars at which thousands of real estate investors across the country discover the realities of making money by investing in real estate. Students in Mentor Financial Group Mentoring Programs have bought and sold over $100 million worth of real estate over the past decade.

Peter Conti – Up Close and Personal

Mentor Financial Group

In addition to being a successful author of numerous books over the past ten years, Peter has also hosted and been featured on real estate investing talk radio shows on XM Radio, WS Radio, and many national and local broadcast stations.

Peter Conti came from a family of seven kids and wasn’t expected to amount to much. And for many years he bought into this concept of himself. He started out as an auto mechanic and continued to hunger for more out of life.

While working for $5.50 an hour, Peter paid close attention to what successful people were doing. He would often hear stories about people who, despite starting out with humble beginnings, were able to create great wealth in real estate investing.

Peter always knew that he wanted to make a change in his life but sometimes things need to get bad enough for you before you decide to make a change. For Peter, that point came one very cold winter morning…

“Sometimes things need to get bad enough before you decide to make a change. For me, this point came when I was working in an auto repair shop. It was winter and the owner had the heat turned down. He was trying to save money. It was so cold that my fingers were so numb I could barely even work.

I looked over as the shop foreman came out of the office with a big, hot, steaming cup of hot coffee. It looked so good I grabbed a coffee mug out of my toolbox and went into the office. After finding the coffee pot, I poured myself a nice warm mug of coffee and then wrapped my hands around it – to warm them up more than anything.

Just as I was walking back to work the owner came out of his office and looked at me said, “Peter, that coffee is for customers only!” I felt about two inches tall. But as bad as that felt, it was a great moment for me.

I decided right then and there that I was never going to be dependent on someone else again for my livelihood. Never again would anyone have that kind of power over my financial life. I thank God things got that bad because if they hadn’t, I might never have committed to changing my life.

The Beginning of My Real Estate Investing Career

I had always known that real estate investing was a great way to build wealth and create freedom. So I finally took the leap and began my real estate investing career. In the beginning, I scrimped and saved and bought every real estate investment property I could.

At the same time I studied every book and tape program I could find. I went to every real estate investing seminar I could afford. I continuously invested in myself and my real estate knowledge base. Every technique and strategy I learned and applied paid me back 1,000 times over.

I remember my first fixer-upper investment property. It was a broken down 3-bedroom house in a working class neighborhood. The windows were all broken and the roof leaked so badly that the kitchen ceiling had fallen in. I had picked it up cheap and even gotten the owner to carry the financing.

When I added up all the repairs I thought the house would need, I got scared. What if I couldn’t make more than it would cost me to fix up the house? It really needed a lot of work! In the end, I made a mistake. I sold out to another real estate investor for a $1,500 profit. I felt good about this until I learned he had made about $30,000 on the deal.

If I had only been willing to admit that I needed some help, I could have found someone who had more experience than me. Even if I had traded half of the profits in the deal in exchange for a real estate investing mentor’s expertise and guidance, I would have made $15,000 – ten times more money!

The Birth of a New Way to Invest in Real Estate

My next major hurdle came as my real estate investment portfolio grew too big. I soon began to realize that with each new investment property I took on,I got more problems and responsibilities.

All those tenants in those properties were looking to me and my company to give care and attention to their homes. A few bad tenants left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I had to work very hard just to keep all of my properties running smoothly.

I found that it wasn’t too long before I had moved from being a real estate investor to being a property manager. The problem with that I was so caught up in the day-to-day management of my investment properties that I wasn’t out there buying more!

Even when I got to the point where I hired other people to do the fix-up work for me, I still spent most of my time overseeing their work and dealing with tenants. I was stuck in a spot that many real estate investors who try to make it using traditional real estate investing methods find themselves.

I looked back over a two-year period and realized that I hadn’t bought a single property in that time. My investing career had come to a standstill! I knew at that point that there had to be a better way to invest in real estate.

Out of my frustration with traditional real estate investing methods, I spent the next few years figuring out a better way to invest. And now this way of investing in real estate without cash or credit is now kind of famous!

You really can make a fortune investing in real estate without ever having to deal with tenants and toilets. You’ll even be able to work the system part-time and still make big money. You’ll discover, as many of my students and I have, that not only will you be making more money, but you’ll be creating a lifestyle where you have the freedom to spend time with your family doing the things you want to do.

This is often overlooked by wealth seekers who realize after it’s too late that they’ve taken a wrong turn. They forget that true wealth is living a balanced life with the money, financial independence, free time, loving relationships, great health, and the ability to discover that God really does love you.

This life of true wealth is waiting for you right now. I’ve helped thousands of people learn to create and build wealth through real estate investing. I hope I can do the same for you, too.”

Peter met plenty of challenges during his own life transformation through the power of real estate but he ultimately was able to wake up each day with the freedom from alarm clocks, bosses, and rush hour traffic. Now, Peter puts his time into pursuing his dreams and living the life he’s always wanted to live.

The life you want to live is waiting for you right now. Peter has helped thousands of people learn to create and build wealth through real estate. He would love to do the same for you.

Peter Conti loves his work so much that he has to remember to stay balanced by keeping family and relationships first. He very much enjoys creating new ways to make money with good friends. Peter has been married for 17 years, has four kids, a mostly friendly cat and two puppies, and lives on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, MD.

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